Within the next five minutes, you can become a millionaire!

While we still keep this documentation open, the millionaire program has been suspended and has now been replaced by a much lesser $4 signup bonus for everyone. We plan to relaunch the millionaire program in the future when we’ve solved every technical difficulty embroidnening it.

JossyMall is possibly the number one website in the world through which you can earn big and in fact become a millionaire within a very short time space. The secret is that JossyMall gives out an approximate of 95% of its profit to participants of its ecommerce primarily revolving around crypto currency. That is, JossyMall is an ecommerce marketplace where crypto currency (only bitcoin supported at the moment) are used for commerce activities.

There are four major ways to earn money on JossyMall. The first one will amaze you!

We talk about a lot of money.  It is important to find out who we are and learn more about our mission. Follow this link to find out who we are

  1. Millionaire program

The truth is, this aspect of earning money on the marketplace platform is solely reserved for entrepreneurs and online sellers. This is because you have to sign up as a marketplace seller or vendor to benefit from this millionaire program fund. After you sign up, we’ll be expecting you to make your product listing (please read our sellers guide and checkout our knowledge base from your sellers’ dashboard to learn more about how to go about this). See it here. This is the only requirement. However, you’ll also have to sign up as an average user on the platform (buyers’ account) so you can have access to our wallet system. In about 48 hours after you complete your registration, your wallet will be deposited with ₦1,000,000 minus the tax and processing fees of ₦21,420. Read more about it here


  1. Buyers’ signup bonus

Guess what? Even when you sign up as a buyer on JossyMall, you’ll also receive a 500,000 bonus in your wallet. Simple! Read more about it here


  1. High value Affiliate Marketing

There is a reason why we call it high value affiliate marketing. It allow an affiliate member to earn a certain percentage of all products on the market place! With just the same affiliate marketing code or link. So as an affiliate member, by sharing your affiliate link with friends, you’ll earn 5% of every transaction per product made by your friends (that followed your affiliate link to the marketplace)


  1. BitMagiks!  wow!! we are overly excited to tell you about bitmagik, our web based cryptocurrency. When you sign up on JossyMall you become a BitMagikcian which means you are automatically mining BitMagiks with most of the actions you do on JossyMall such as reviewing a product, listing an item, daily logins, e.t.c You’ll start receiving a monthly 10% of every BitMagiks you’ve accumulated after 18 months from the first day you acquired your first bitmagik which by the way is the day you became a member of the cryptocurrency marketplace JossyMall! The monetary value of your Bitmagiks would be sent to your JossyMall wallet from where you can then request us to credit your local bank. If you are reading this article, you are already mining and earning bitmagiks!!!