300k every week! Start earning 10% of what sellers pull in transactions.


Yes! this is not a hoax nor spam. It is legit, very legit! Like most e-commerce companies do, we offer affiliate rewards programs, but as you must have noticed, affiliate marketing requires so much effort yet in the end, the returns or gain might be quiet meager. JossyMall is a marketplace where sellers most usually known as vendors put up their products for sale. Buyers spot these products, show interests and purchase them. We basically handle the transaction and in return, we take a small cut. This is only fair. Basically, this massive reward program on our marketplace is known as ‘sponsor program’ the logic is quiet simple. If you are a vendor, you can invite other people like you to become a vendor and start selling on our platform. In return, JossyMall will, on a weekly basis pay you 10% of everything each of the vendors you’ve sponsored have grossed in sales. If you ask us, it’s a straight way of making millions overnight while you sleep. We can imagine you having or sponsoring just two massive vendors grossing over ten  million naira per week! Here is our official documentation about the program.

Thank you for your interest in our sponsorship program.

This summarized straight forward article is a way pointer to making your first million from e-commerce. To learn more about who we are, please visit our about page. About_Us

Okay, let’s begin. People who sell stuffs online using the services and web e-commerce tools provided by e-commerce companies like us JossyMall are known as vendors. You can also start selling on JossyMall by registering a vendor account. click this link to register When you are at it, you would notice a field in the registration form tagged “sponsor ID” this field can be left blank or you can insert into it, the vendor email of another vendor who told you about the program. By rule, that person must also be registered as a vendor on our platform, that’s how he can get a sponsor ID anyway (his/her vendor email). The benefit is that your sponsor will also earn 10-30% of whatever you gross in sales every month. This share is not in away deducted from your own gains or profits no. We bear the cost completely! You can sponsor people too right after you are registered as a vendor by giving them your email address as sponsor ID.

However, perhaps, you wish to have more privacy and protect your email? You can have a custom sponsor ID linked with your email. This, however comes with a little cost. N700. Or $2 Just search for “VIP VENDORS” on JossyMall and our marketing department will get back to you right after your purchase.

The benefits of this sponsorship program is such that you can make millions every month when you have vendors making good sales. Imagine if you sponsored a store that garners 10million naira or $29,000 every month from sales. You’d be entitled to 10% – 30% of the monthly sales. We can indeed imagine how much you’d make every month from just that one vendor that you sponsored!

We should also note this clause; that being a sponsor comes with a responsibility. You yourself as a sponsor, before you are entitled to your sponsorship gains every month, must have garner at least $5 dollars or N1,750 in sales for that same month.


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