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It’s really easy to setup your store and start selling your items on JossyMall. You’ll be amazed at the level of professionalism we’ll give your store!

Please note that we quote prices in Dollars and Naira but accepts payment in Bitcoin. However, sellers can choose to be paid in Fiat (direct bank transfers) or bitcoin. The later is faster, sellers being settled in bitcoin will always receive their payments instantaneously after each sale.

overview of JossyMall categories



1. If you plan to sell virtual goods (goods that do not require shipping e.g software, ebooks, e-goods) we do not support file upload for security sake of your store. You might have to check into ‘the classic backend’ of your store where you can, instead of uploading files directly to our servers, specify the url of the file. This means your file should be residing on another location on the web. Probably dropbox or any other file hosting service.Our technology will however produce a direct download link to the file upon purchase without revealing it’s original URL)

You might experience difficulty in attaching your product image or feature product image. A quick fix around this is to enter product title and some of the other product values, save the product, then try setting up the product image again. it works! IN OTHER TERMS, ATTACH PRODUCT IMAGE ONLY AFTER YOU’VE ENTERED OTHER PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES LIKE NAME, PRICE AND HAVE IT SAVED. NOW ATTACH PRODUCT IMAGE AND CLICK THE UPDATE BUTTON.

In the future, we’ll provide a better workaround to this.

2. To boost sales, it is important you specify all parameters to your item such as full description, shipping policy and perks or rewards.

3. By enabling the social media commenting tool, you are creating a very vibrant social media audience and ecosystem for your items. This is very good!

4. We accept bitcoins! but you have the choice to get paid in bitcoin or fiat directly to your bank account. If you decide to accept bitcoins, your payments will always arrive instantaneously. Direct bank and wire transfers will take about seven working days from the date of sales.

5. We have AI robots that will go through your store and will answer questions on your behalf for customers. They are so effective that they can even ‘sweet-talk’ and advertise your products to our website visitors in a way that will leave you stunned!

6. Always feel free to send us emails or direct messages whenever you run into trouble. We are here to help you build your brand and scale your business.

7. Welcome to the JossyMall family! Thank you for choosing us!!


Simple Product

A simple product is the most common and easily-understandable product type in JossyMall. A simple product is a unique, stand-alone, physical product that you may have to ship to the customer. To start with, you can create a simple product, assign a price & SKU for the product, and start selling them. eg: Books.

Grouped Product

A grouped product is a cluster of simple products clubbed together to form a single entity. The grouped product won’t have a price or a unique identifier of its own. The identity of the grouped product is created by a number of child products that have unique features of their own. As soon as you create a grouped product, you can add at least one child product to the grouped product. Your customers can purchase any of the child product from the grouped product individually as well. eg: A set of six glasses.

Virtual Product

A virtual product is simply defined as a product that is not a physical entity. For this reason, there is no need to ship such a product. Therefore defining and configuring a virtual product is a simple and straightforward process. You don’t have to bother about details such as product dimensions and weight, which are generally part of any other product settings. eg: You list a service (rendered in person) as a product on your store.

Downloadable Product

Similar to virtual products, downloadable products also don’t require shipping. They are available as a downloadable file with a specified path or URL. In most cases, there will be a limit on the number of downloads of such products. In a seemingly ironic way, JossyMall allows setting shipping options for downloadable products. This is in fact to include the scenario where you want to send a packaged version (like a CD) of the product to the customer. If your product is only downloadable and has no physical version, you can mark it as a virtual product.

External Product

There are cases where you list a product in your store, but you are not the actual seller of the product. Your customers who wish to purchase such products will be redirected to the URL that you specify in the product settings. There is no need for you to add any product-specific data on your store.

Variable Product

This product type lets you add variations to the same product to create a complex, variable product. Each variation of the product has its own price, SKU, available stock etc. eg: A shirt or t-shirt with different sizes and different colors.

In addition to these product types, you can add certain other product types such as the subscription products