Why we accept bitcoin

It is simple.

Bitcoin payment eliminates frauds, charge backs e.t.c.

Bitcoin payment is faster, reliable and it comes with little or no transaction fees. On our platform, we charge no transaction fees.

As a seller, bitcoin seriously protects you from fraud and maintains the integrity of our platform. Imagine a situation where someone purchases your item using a stolen card or forged card details, few days later after you’ve shipped your item, the credit card company reverts the payment for the item?? It is a very common unfortunate scenario in the ecommerce industry.

Bitcoin allows maximum flexibility, As a seller you can still get payed in fiat or still maintain a bitcoin payment settlement. In fact, you can get paid in any other cryptocoin you desire.

Bitcoin promotes innovation. Indeed it has been described as a universal currency and the future of money. We see ourselves as futurists and thus, the need to stay ‘in the future’