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There are about many illustrated ways to make money online but in all honesty, I have not found any very comprehensive and effective one capable of raking in over $10,000 dollars withing the first three months of investment (Sorry i don't believe in long term investments). If you know of a viable and proven legit online investment that could yield such bountiful returns, kindly drop your answers. Keep it simple and well explained. smileyyes

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So, this is the question most people ask. I will provide a very straight forward answer.

It all boils down to three simple steps.

Buy a solid hosting plan ==> Launch a solid membership website ==> ntegrate high cpc/cpm advertising ==> Promote high paying afiliIates. 

This simple formular can turn your hustle into a billionaire empire. But how?

Disclaimer: Take note that while the procedure here have been verified by many technopreneurs to yield amazing results, possibly thousands of dollars within the first few months, the actual possibility of you making money all depends on your determination and marketing skills.

Counter-Disclaimer: Speaking of marketing, if you follow the procedures here appropriately, JossyMall will grant you a $100 worth of advertising. This will take care of your initial traffic and marketing needs.

People create hundreds and thousands of websites everyday. People create websites for two major reasons.

1. To promote their brands/create an online presence for their business. 

2. To make money online.

Now you are gonna be teaching them how to do this two. Making good websites and how to make money online. This is the most profitable niche in the world of internet business and if you want to buy your first car in quick time, you need to follow this business idea, implement it and make it work.

To do that, you will need to buy/rent a very good hosting package, [we recommend this free unlimited bandwidth hosting] install a membership website software (essentially it means you will create a kind of interactive website where people can share opinions and contribute ideas). [We have developed a special responsive membership software for this purpose and it's free. Obtain it by clicking this link] Now take note that your membership website will have to be focused on niches such as;

1. Making money online

2. Technology

3. Web development and hosting reviews

4. Creating membership platforms

The main reason why you have to stick to this kind of niche is that it helps you gain the right audience who are willing to spend their money for you. Secondly, JossyMall will help you promote your membership website when you launch if you obtained your membership software from us. We can only promote your website if it is designed to follow a specific niche and it really does. Our promotion will gift you your first ten thousand page views and we can guarantee that. From there on, it's all based on your skills to retain those users that generated the page views.

The last two process is that you need to integrate an advertising network and at least one affiliate platform to earn money from. We would recommend Revenuehits for your advertising. 

Here is the story of someone who made $15,000 in 20days from revenuehits! My Honest RevenueHits Review, Stats & Income Proof (14910$)

The last step would be to register with certain affiliate networks and start promoting them on your membership website. We recommend Revenuehits and ng.hub8

JossyMall will help you setup your membership website on a very reliable hosting and integrate your affiliate and advertising networks appropriately. We'll also provide you with a $100 advertising grant. All these for free when you obtain our free membership software!

To learn more on how to get started, ask certian questions or need more explanation, send an email to our team of experts.

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