Some of the most famous and popular horse sports around the world

Some of the most famous and popular horse sports around the world

The Big Four International Horse Racing Championship (B I.H.) is the first international promotion of the world’s largest worldwide-circuit horse competition. Originally established as a series from 1989 until 2012, the BIVI expanded by organizing numerous races across the UK including major national events such London’s prestigious Summer Games, Dubai Marathon & World Triathlon Championships. Event sponsors include BT, Royal Mail Worldwide plus many local businesses.

The Royal London Horse Racing Club (RLHRC) is a registered charity, providing a unique opportunity for fans, spectators and horse owners to connect with horses at this extraordinary event. All funds raised from this campaign will go directly into the costs of running the event. 500 – one racing card. 150 – one VIP card with in-race broadcasting, live pictures, live commentary and photo opportunity. 300 – 5 racecards. 200 – 3 racecards.

The Royal British Horse Show is a multi day occasion held at the Royal Albert Hall in Mayfair. The multi day race and multi day celebration of life and culture come full circle in the show’s amazing finale, the Opening Ceremony at 11.45pm on Sunday.

A family neighborly few days of riding which begins from the foot of the notorious Twin Bridges. With five races somewhere in the range of 12 and 15 June 2019 remembering three for the circuit course.

The Vans Warwickshire Marathon will happen at the dazzling Meadowbank Park around the bend (off Main Street) from Worthing.

Bridgestone is set to bring the energy of British pony dashing to the capital of London at Royal Albert Hall. The UK’s chief pony track will be changed into a pretentious festival of British pony dashing as it plans to bring back the energy of British pony hustling for fans and onlookers the same. The occasion is a worldwide marvel. It has created in excess of 90 million impacts on YouTube every week and will be communicated across the globe as a worldwide celebration of pony hustling in 2020.

The Great Race of the North is a two-day hustling celebration for the world acclaimed Yorkshire race horse, Yorkshire Terriers, which happens in the delightful Yorkshire Dales National Park in the Cumbria district of England. The occasion has become enormously in the course of recent years, and is quite possibly the most mainstream occasions among the two fans and nearby organizations. It draws in huge number of onlookers who travel from everywhere the UK.

The Cheltenham Master Race Series comprises three races more than four days (Tuesday-Thursday). There are different prize cash dependent on age gatherings/pilots which will go towards advancing the game broadly and universally.

Consistently around this time, perhaps the most well known football clubs on the planet unexpectedly has another arena opening up squares from their home ground. In any event it appears to be that way… It wasn’t generally thusly however.

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