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  • Spaces - 4 questions
  • Academics - 26 questions - This category is for students to ask all appropriate school questions, discuss project issues, find answers to assignments and homework as well as help other students achieve their goals!
  • Agriculture - 2 questions - Not necessary for asking questions. This category is about the latest business gist and updates especially in the aspects of Forex, investments, start-ups, payments, angel investors and banking.
  • Marketing - 39 questions - Let's face this fact. It is becoming harder everyday to become a successful online entrepreneur or a successful eCommerce merchant. By asking the right questions at the right place, you not only boost your chance of succeeding but you also make some funds and gain more insights on your project.
  • Fashion Industry - 1 question - It's not just about asking questions the right questions but also meeting the right people. The very best in the industry. Don't sew your nest outfit without creating a poll or asking people how good it looks...people's opinion has always been the most important marketing too!
  • Job and Classifieds - 0 questions - Tell the business community what type of Job you are looking for or maybe what kind of employee you need as the case might be. Advertise your products to the members of the business community, get answers and replies to your listing. JossyMall, based on statistics and innovation has been proven to be more favourable to user ads and classifieds than other platforms. This is because JossyMall encourages the members of the business community to interact more with your ads by rewarding them with points each time they do. This interaction effectively exposes your ads and listings to a wider array of people in the business community. Just exactly what you want!
  • Starting a business - 8 questions - Starting a business can be so hard and frustrating. This is why you should ask the professionals and already made tycoons how they sailed through the hurdles
  • Web and mobile app development - 3 questions - The right way to build a promising start-up is to create a web and mobile presence for it. We cannot see how this is possible without a firsthand knowledge of the subject matter. And what best way is there to learn stuffs than to visit the master of stuffs itself? lol haha
  • General Knowledge - 27 questions - Knowledge is vast and continuous so while we are dedicated to business and technological prowess, we also give room to acquire knowledge about the event of things, everything around us as well as certain knowledge that is worth searching for.
  • Medicine and health - 0 questions
  • Science and Technology - 11 questions - Discuss and ask scientific or science related question. Foster the learning of new theories and the development of ground breaking innovations and inventions
  • Game and Sports - 1 question - Create the euphoria, live the experience! Keep your sportsmanship spirit alive by asking the questions that matters on a platform that counts.