About us

We are JossyMall, a group of young developers and experienced entrepreneurs trying to leverage our technology and marketing expertise to achieve great feats for ourselves and our clients.

Our founders and patrons were members of several technology forums and hackathon groups before pulling out to invest in their ‘wonder dream’ One such notable group is the google developers forum, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

Originally owned by KIBATECH technologies, JossyMall funnels have been acquired since December 2019 to become a part of a bigger company Honeycrown Multilinks Ventures which has been operating as a multi-investment company since 2005. The original developers from KIBATECH technologies have always remained a part of our core development team.

An important part of JossyMall is DIGPROM. A marketing company we have partnered with to help get most of our marketing and funnel training to the vast majority of entrepreneurs out there in the big void!