About us

We are a team of young programmers, software developers and technology enthusiasts, passionate about using code to revolutionize trading and the ecommerce industry. Founded by our team leader Director O.O. Joshua in 2017, We have evolved from being a small affiliate marketing company to a full blown affiliate network. We are not funded in whole nor in part by any organization, venture capitalists nor angel investors, we continue to charge a token from our web users to keep supporting the platform and ourselves as we strive to deliver even better services to our users. Our lean culture has ensured that we remain in business, we all share the same office space and we have rented powerful servers from one of the most reliable and cost efficient cloud hosting company in the world; CONTABO.

We are continually committed to the welfare of our users.

We have physical presence in Nigeria and Tunisia. In Tunisia, we are represented by fellow developers in the gaming industry, the amazing guys from Blackhat studios and Setup gamer.

Blackhat studios, Beni Khalled 8021, Tunisia

In Nigeria, you can reach us at 56, Adewumi College building, Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin.

All support emails should go to support@gmail.com

You can mail our chief Director directly; livejossymall@gmail.com

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