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How to advertise on JossyMall

JossyMall is a Business Community. This makes us the right platform to advertise your business.

Advertising on JossyMall is quiet easy and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow


1. Get your advertisement banner or text ready. We support youtube based video ads too.

2. Send your advertisement banner, text or youtube video link to

3. Include your JossyMall Business Community username in the email you will send to us.

4. We will reply you with our advertising rates and payment details. You can as well pay for advertisement using your JossyMall earned points.





1. Our advertising rates are cheap and you can as well pay for it using the points you've earned in the business community

2. JossyMall is a business platform which means your ads will be seen by the right people and people that matters.

3. With a very strong organic and unique traffic, you will be getting the value for your money

4. Our rates are as low as $1 for every 10,000 views or even $0.5 per click or $10/week


With JossyMall, Business just got easier...