Hello, welcome to the JossyMall Funnels affiliate program. The most sustainable, productive, effective and profitable affiliate system in the world. We have a lot of marketing offers on this platform, quick but legit ways to make your first thousand dollars online in marketing.


Bear in mind, that we are blockchain technology patron, all our payments are made with bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoin cash and processed in the blockchain. The biggest advantage to this is that we are able to provide premium services to you for a very cheap fee, without transaction fees. If you are not comfortable with crypto payments please contact our CEO on whatsapp via 07067775065 for a more resolved way of crediting your wallet. (This service is only available in for clients in Nigeria)

Most affiliate systems are based on mechanisms that are not sustainable. Most of these systems are vastly dependent on ads or membership subscription fees to keep them running. The result is a system that ends up crashing as soon as it began.

We are doing things in a very different but effective, sustainable and profitable way. From the start we are giving you two thousand dollars! while counting on you that you will do well in your new affiliate business.

Then, on wards, we pay you $1 for ever single referral you bring to the platform that results in a signup. It is free and totally free to join the JossyMall Funnels platform so all you need is just to publish your affiliate link, drive prospects to signup on the platform and you will earn one dollar for each signup! Just imagine how much you could be earning if you can drive a thousand users to the platform every week. That would be $4,000/month. Not just for referrals, you will as well earn $5 for each single marketing post you submit to the platform. You can submit unlimited number of posts per day but each posts goes through an excruciating censoring to make sure only the best and most worthy posts are published on the marketing platform.

We prioritize quality above quantity. This makes it so that even a single original youtube video post with ‘great details’ will be favoured above posts of hundreds of words without meaningful correlation.

Explained above is the profitable aspect of the affiliate system. But as you might wonder, if we give out so much money, how do we keep the system afloat? It is simple. We take back much more!

JossyMall affiliate system places a withdrawal threshold of $1,000 dollars on your account. Your first withdrawal shouldn’t be a problem right? well not exactly. Truly, you will receive a bonus $2,000 dollars after registration but it is locked in vault and remain unavailable for withdrawal until some vital conditions are met.

Among your referrals, at least 150 referrals must have purchased a funnel plan at JossyMall Funnels or you must have generated at least 5,000 referrals (signed up) with at least 25 of them (0.5%) purchasing a funnel plan. You also must have subscribe or purchase one of our funnel plans, keeping it running for at least five months.

Many people have thought this is quiet a difficult condition to meet but not at all. Overtime, it has been proven how easy it is to achieve it in a day! In fact we expect every active affiliate to cross this benchmark in about a month or so. This is why we won’t leave you alone and we will provide you with essential training materials and effective secrets on how to drive the right audience to JossyMall Funnels and achieve your dreams. Always remember that success or not, it all depends on your approach and will to win.

Here is a summary of how our affiliate system works

To keep the affiliate system alive and afloat, we implement strategies that keeps the system sustainable. To ensure that you are not being fooled into anything, here is a quick breakdown of conditions you must meet before you can withdraw your earnings.

  1. You must have purchased one of our sales funnel plan and have it running for at least three months
  2. You must have invited 150 other funnel users or generated five thousand signups via your referral link.
  3. Y0u must be at least 16 years of age.
  4. You must have updated your profile with your tax identification number and bitcoin wallet ID

Signup bonus: $2,000

Wallet signup bonus $4

Wallet bonus for review a product $2

(You can sell and transfer your wallet balance)

Daily visits: $0.002

Payment for logins: $0.005

Publishing posts: $5/approved post

Publishing posts to your user blog: $5

Approved comments: $0.002/comment

Referral signup: $1/referral

Referral without signup: $0.002

Bonus for clicking special links: $0.005

Anniversary bonus (once/year): $100

Usually when you refer a user to JossyMall Funnels, our marketing system kicks in, guiding them till they make a purchase of one of our funnel plans. This implies that you only have to worry about bringing in audiences, we’ll convert them for you! But usually we maintain that you utilize the following guidelines to obtain a quicker result.

  1. Utilize targeted facebook ads to drive the right audience to the platform via your affiliate link.
  2. Your major audiences are startup founders, Ecommerce entrepreneurs, digital marketers, entrepreneurs/business owners, vloggers/bloggers.
  3. Drive the right audience such as adults and not children to the platform. The platform does not provide adult rated contents but it is generally an accepted rule that adults have a higher spending power.

Alternatively, if perhaps you are a marketer, or you require a funnel marketing platform to nurture your leads, for your business or even for the JossyMall Affiliate program, you can purchase one of our funnels plan and a free course to get you started. There is an advantage.

As a funnel subscriber yourself, you only have to have referred at least 100 other marketers who will also purchase one of our funnels plan to start withdrawing your affiliate commissions. Indeed with a funnel, you can as well drive over a thousand important leads per day to the platform or any of your product and get very great returns! Think of this as a quick hack to drive paid users to your affiliate link.

The JossyMall Funnels also reward users for other minor contributions they put into the growth of the platform such as their constructive comments and helping marketers find their audiences.

We can as well show you some secrets and techniques to achieve success with our affiliate program within a maximum time space of three months. Fill the form below to get started. (Please only make use of a valid email)

what you will learn?

  1. How to drive one thousand traffic weekly to your affiliate link
  2. How to utilize a funnel to grow your affiliate referrals and personal business.
  3. The secret methods to achieve success with JSM affiliate program and start cashing out in less than a month!
  4. How to start selling your own voice recordings (podcasts), ebooks and virtual products with funnels and earn $1,000/week
  5. Ideas on profitable virtual product niche that you can start quickly.

Also note that purchasing the product will give you six months full access to JossyMall funnels unlimited!