Alpha-Arbutin For Skin Bleaching

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Skin whitening need not be expensive, thanks to over-the-counter alternatives to hydroquinone and d-kojic acid such as Alpha-Arbutin, which also helps lessen dark spots and lighten skin. Alpha-Arbutin can lessen skin darkening by preventing the production of the enzyme called tyrosinase, which leads to melanin production. In two to three months, you can start seeing the benefits of Alpha-Arbutin.

What makes it effective

What makes this compound different from other lightening medications is the fact that it is made of all natural plant extracts even when it is classified as a synthetic compound. Alpha-Arbutin comes form plant sources such as duckweed and bearberry. The latter is an evergreen bush local to the mountainous regions of the Northern Hemisphere while the former is a weed that is mostly found in Canada.

Alpha Arbutin is distinct with its water soluble white powdery feature that can survive pH 3.5 up to 6.5. In tests, a percentage of the solution of Alpha Arbutin added in lotion resulted to quicker lightening and a more even skin tone than when other products are used. The active ingredient works to prevent your body from creating melanin, which results to lighter skin tone.

There are a lot of commercial products that come with Alpha Arbutin available these days. They come in the form of whitening creams, lotions, and bleaching serums which are mostly aimed at helping consumers achieve a lighter complexion and reducing skin impurities like erythema and brown age spots.

It is safer

The Alpha-Arbutin compound’s compatibility with other lightening products and their ingredients is no issue, although scientifically speaking, there is really no use combining products that yield the same result at the same time. Some substances in fact, may only cause absorption problems when used together.

Compared to hydroquinone, Alpha – Arbutin does not pose any danger to your skin because of how it works: It does not kill the cells that are responsible for producing melanin. This benefit makes it safer to use. It is definitely a better alternative to hydroquinone, which is already banned in some European and South African countries due to its potentially long-term and lethal effects.

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Source by Kelly Weiren
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