Android 12 dynamic wallpaper themes won’t remain a Pixel exclusive

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The dynamic wallpaper-theming element of Google’s Android 12 Material You UI won’t be held back as an exclusive Pixel feature for long, it’s emerged.

One of the most attention-grabbing elements of Android 12 in its earliest official showings has been Material You, Google’s new design language, and specifically its chameleon-like ‘monet’ wallpaper palette matching system.

This has been closely associated with the forthcoming Google Pixel 6 and Google’s Pixel smartphone family in general. As we close on Android 12’s October 4 release date, however, new details have emerged to suggest that Monet won’t remain a Pixel exclusive for very long.

Now XDA-Developers has found evidence that Google’s theming system will be making its way into the open-source strand of Android 12 very soon, specifically with the launch of Android 12.1.

According to sources, Google recently committed a code change titled “add monet to AOSP” – AOSP meaning Android Open Source Project, which represents the source code from which all Android manufacturers draw.

Said patch was formerly only available on the Android 13 branch, but has now been pulled forward into a future iteration of Android 12. The report even supplies screenshot evidence of this so-called Android 12.1 and its Monet implementation in action.

Material You represents the biggest visual overhaul for Google’s mobile OS since it introduced Material Design in 2014’s Android 5.0 Lollipop. At the core of Google’s new approach is a system code-named ‘Monet’, which adapts the system-wide colour palette based on your chosen wallpaper.

At its Android 12 unveiling, Google announced that Monet would be coming “first” to Pixel, though what this meant exactly was left open to interpretation. Now it seems you’ll be auto-colour-theming on your Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo devices in no time – provided said manufacturers choose to implement the feature, of course.

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