Apple Watch 7 makes Watch 6 look old in new image

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An early picture of the Apple Watch 7 shows what an improvement its new larger display is over the Apple Watch 6.

The Apple Watch 7 lands tomorrow, and you might already have noticed the first few reviews appearing on the internet. What we haven’t really seen as yet is a clear shot of the Watch 7 next to its predecessor, the Watch 6.

That’s now arrived courtesy of Twitter user Domenico Panacea (via MacRumors).

Many have bemoaned the conservative nature of the advances in the Apple Watch Series 7. It’s certainly not the bold redesign that was predicted ahead of launch.

However, this shot demonstrates what a new larger display (20% larger, according to Apple) and correspondingly smaller screen bezels (1.7mm) can do for even the most familiar design.

It’s not quite the transformative effect that we saw recently in the Nintendo Switch OLED. Unlike the original Switch, the Apple Watch 6 already had an vibrant OLED display of its own.

But it does make the new Watch 7 look a lot sleeker and more modern than its forebear. Especially given that this newer display can also get 70% brighter indoors in the Always-On mode compared to its predecessor.

What’s more, with this extra screen space, Apple has included a full QWERTY keyboard on the Apple Watch 7. Whether you’ll actually want to use this for more than monosyllabic responses remains to be seen, but it’s a neat inclusion nonetheless.

Underneath that larger display the Apple Watch 7 isn’t all that different to the Watch 6. It even runs on the same S6 chip as its predecessor, and battery life remains unchanged.

But it’s tougher than before, with a new crack-proof crystal coating, an IP6X dust resistance rating, and a WR50 water resistance rating.

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