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Now that you are a JossyMall affiliate marketer, you are wondering how to cash-in on your huge bonus by driving the right clients and users to the platform. Let me quickly assure you that we are the most innovative and effective online marketing system in Africa. This simply means that you should have no tough time working as a marketer for one of the most prominent marketing companies in the world!

This is so because we not only provide you with some of our cutting edge tools and marketing services but we keep you abreast of new marketing techniques, giving you the much needed lessons you need to succeed all for free.

You probably remember that we have committed ourselves, promising to help you convert most of your referrals to funnel subscribers so you won’t have to do all those convincing yourself. Most of your referrals will possibly read this post too, it is one of our ways to keep referrals successful and that includes you.

Remain assured that when you drive referrals to the platform, our marketing system kicks in, showing them how we can be of help to their businesses and startups. In fact, we would introduce new businesses to users and adequately train them on how to scale such business using our black funnels marketing tools. One such business is online publishing of business or novel ebooks. Anyone can start it!

The result is that you reach your peak in quick time! thanks to our marketing systems. But while we are committed to your success, it is only fair that you give us a upper hand in that matter, making our job of making you a millionaire a simple one.

This post is a clear instruction on why you need a marketing funnel and the great benefits that accompanies one. As a funnel subscriber, you benefit from the following:

  1. Cheapest unlimited marketing tools and auto-responders only $10/month compared to $279 for limited clickfunnels monthly plan!
  2. You need only refer 100 paying subscribers to make your first affiliate cash-in instead of the conventional 150 subscribers benchmark.
  3. Unleash the power of funnel marketing to drive the right traffic to your referral link, monitor them too, let your funnel automate messages you send to them keeping them engaged and ensuring that they become a funnel subscriber/paying users in the end.
  4. Take my word for it, you will make your first cash-in in less than a month.
  5. It is also free for a whooping six months period!! Being free, you get to use it for free, in many ways that you want for half a year without paying a dime for it!
  6. Our funnels are white-label, we don’t include silly banners even on the free plan!
  7. You don’t have to buy a third party SMTP like most other funnels. we give you a complete emailing service that will get 99.9% of your emails straight into users inbox all for free!
  8. Make over 700 sales every single day! If you sell ebooks priced at $4/copy that would translate to $2,800 in profit every single day!

We recommend the ebook below for more details.



  1. An exact copy/template of my campaigns and emails!
  2. An in-depth guide and video series on how to replicate my success
  3. You will be able to withdraw your JossyMall Affiliate bonus in less than a week!
  4. Exact copy of the facebook ads i used.

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