Become a JossyMall funnels affiliate agent

Hello! thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate agent for JossyMall Funnels.
Our affiliate agents are quiet different from JossyMall funnels affiliate accounts. Not everybody will be accepted into the agent program but the rewards are worth the try. As an affiliated agent, you will be credited with a one time $2,000 that is all yours! Completely!!
But you can’t spend this money elsewhere except on our website. This is because obviously, there are no exchanges yet for our wallet money and this one time fee is virtual. Since we do not expect you to spend all that money yourself on our website, you have to wash it into the economy by selling it to wanna-be marketers and funnel users on JossyMall.
This is where you cashback. So obviously what you will be doing is promoting us so that you can sell your wallet funds and make huge returns. (You can make about $1,500 or even more from that initial agent fee It’s all based on how you sell each dollar)
But how do we benefit from this?
Agents are promoting our brand and sending to us clients and users that, on the long run will spend more on our website. Our profits and benefits are on the long run.
If you have made up your mind to become an agent please send your request to and a dedicated support staff will get back in touch with you. When your request is approved, your account will be credited with a $2,000 agent fee. You will also receive a signup bonus of $2,000 when you register on our website and you will receive $1 for every single user you invite via your referral link. (optional) This is obviously the most profitable money making system in the marketing industry!

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