Build your mobile app in five minutes without coding

With no branding nor ads whatsoever, I am about to show you the freest method to build a mobile app for your website without coding! The app can be uploaded to playstore or the apple store because I will also be showing you how to generate free but valid keys to sign your app. All these will only take about five to ten minutes!

Having said that, you have to make sure your website is already mobile friendly. This method will only create a very adaptive and modern webview app of your website. It is very important that your website should be mobile responsive

So let’s get started. The app is based on phone gap cordova technology. The code for the app lives on my github repository. So follow the github link below, signup with github and fork the app by clicking on the ‘fork’ button to have a repository of the code yourself so you can start modifying your own app.

Github url link:

After you have created your own repository of the code on github, you need to edit the config.xml file to specify your app parameters such as app name and version, YOU ALSO NEED TO SPECIFY YOUR URL OR WEBSITE BY EDITING THE CODE LINES IN THE DIRECTORY OR FOLDERS BELOW

ultimate-cordova-webview-app/www/index.html (line 31 and 32)
ultimate-cordova-webview-app/www/js/index.js (line 61)

Then you need to generate your key store. This is the key with which your app will be signed so you can compile a release or install-able version of the app in phonegap. visit the link below to do that. (generate certification)

Generate the app keys

When this is done, download the key file. We will need it later

Google ‘adobe phone gap’ or just visit the link below to compile your app. (Compile your app online)

You will need to create an account on adobe phonegap. Not to worry, you can signup with your gmail or facebook account.



Adobe phonegap build platform will automatically pull your repository from github. You will then see your app name and description (as you have specified in the config.xml file). Reload the page and compile! A debug app will be built for you. To build a release app (an app you can distribute), you will have to click on your app name, click on the little ‘padlock’ icon and add a key.

To add a key, you will have to specify the password and alias/company name you used while generating your key earlier. You will also have to upload your keystore file (that you generated) Recompile the app.

Hurray…there you go! your full fledged android mobile app. You can also compile for IOS but you will need to get your developer or key from their developer center.

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