Become a course instructor!

Hurray! Finding this page always mean something; You will soon become a super rich course instructor! Don’t take our words for it, see below; how we intend to make you a successful course instructor!!

Facebook ads: First of all, we will advertise your course on our Facebook channels and with premium Facebook ads. This method is certain to give your course up to 500 participants every week. Just imagine how much this will translate to if your course is priced at $10!

Rewards! As you create new courses and course activities on this platform, you will keep earning rewards in the form of something we call gems. This gems, at certain landmarks will translate to higher site rank for you. As you attain newer higher ranks, you will be paid what is called ‘rank benefit’ and it runs into thousands of dollars for the highest ranks. Learn more

Free data: If you are a course instructor residing in Nigeria, you will receive a monthly 10 gigabyte data from us free of charge. To qualify fore this, you must have updated your profile with your phone number and must have submitted at least five quality courses.