Body Cream Product Review For Vanilla Amber Musk From Bodycology

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Bodycology was founded in Dallas in 2003. It claims to be among the fastest growing businesses in USA, is not tested on animals, and is for women who want spa-quality-beauty-products without their price. I believe that is also inspired either by The Body Shop line or Bath & Body Works. The later is more suitable, I guess.

In Indonesia, Bodycology is taken its toll to success. The products are sold in a competitive price in a market where Bath & Body Works are listed as one cult, especially since people are getting sick with the choices of The Body Shop products. Bodycology taps mid-level consumers who want a more luxuriant alternative to local body lotion without a need to pay luxurious price. I mean, well, it will not be as cheap as local Nivea, Vaseline, or Citra body lotions. Merely I say, it is less than half of a price of The Body Shop products with almost the same quality.

Vanilla Amber Musk body cream is one of most beautiful amidst all Bodycology body cream choices. FYI, they have exactly a dozen choices of perfumed body creams.

Vanilla Amber Musk is mostly vanilla. Well, we have already known that. But, there is this slight hint of coconut that lends its creaminess. However, it does not tend to be over sweet but instead, it is seductive and clean because of amber and skin-scent-musk. The amber is a bit too heavy, though.

How about the texture? Now, this is getting interesting. It is for both oily and dry skin alike. It is thick and creamy with a softness that resembles whipped cream. But, when ordinary body cream tends to be warmer when being applied to skin which is a result of lanolin ingredients, Vanilla Amber Musk is cooling the skin on application. I checked the ingredients list, shea butter and aloe vera are listed. Off course, it is still not paraben-free. Well, I cannot expect mass market cream and lotion to be paraben-free alias chemical-preservatives free, can I?

Oh, by the way, I forget to tell you that this cream is scented beautifully and heavily at the same time. And, somehow, it is a bit annoying for people surrounding us. I got many comments, all were negatives. For example, dear husband said it was scented like funeral balm. Mother said it made her having a big headache. A friend gave a contempt look. But, it is great, is not it? (LOL) I mean we need a bit of attention in these days, right?

PS: I visited Bodycology website today and found out that Vanilla Amber Musk is discontinued. It has gotten a new name Vanilla Romance instead. I bet the smell is just the same though the picture in the tube is totally different. Out of my curiosity, as the old Vanilla Amber Musk is still sold heavily in Indonesia, does this mean that once again our country is a permissive market full of discontinued products? How about the expiry date impacting the condition of the creams? Surely, I do not know the answers. But, instead, beware! I warned you to buy this kind of product warily. Be safe!

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Source by Marciana Made Padmi
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