Book Reviews Can Be Self Promotion Opportunities

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So your best friend is a writer, you’ve read her book, and you’re going to review it… But you’re a writer too. Should you mention your book when you review hers?

Nope. You definitely should not “MENTION” that you’re a writer, that you wrote a book, or the title of your book in the review you do for your friend… But what is your writing style? Can you write a review using your writer style?

There are a few key options you should include in a review that will promote you – without alerting the reviewed or the readers that YOU have reviewed the book on any uncomfortable way:

  • keywords that market YOU. For instance, if the book is a romance fiction, I might mention that the book was marketed over an internet blog and it’s actually okay to mention the blog where you found the book, where I found tips on writing and wordsmithing, so I purchased the book through a link to
  • your signature. Your name is your signature, always use your name when reviewing someone else’s book, because it brings name recognition to you. If other readers agree with your review, they may mention you in their review, increasing name recognition.
  • writing style and voice. Your readers will come to know and expect a certain kind of style and voice from you. It’s always nice to find that style and voice on the net, in a different place and recognize it there too. Use your style and voice to bring recognition back to you through reviews of other people’s writing.

Functional reviews get approvals and disapprovals. Did you help the reader decide whether to invest in the book or not?

By including a call to action in your review, “Go ahead and purchase this book, you’ll want it in your library forever.” you’ve motivated the reader to like your review and buy the book.

By including a call to action, you’ve signed your review with action by the reader. Writers should always include ACTION in their referrals, reviews, and recommendations, because it offers the reader a chance to let someone else take charge.

Be a Charger – and take charge of where your readers go next. Tell them what you want them to do. Tell them what to do. Remind them to do what you told them to do.

The most significant thing you should do in a review is Write a GREAT Review. Make it count.

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Source by Jan Verhoeff
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