Content creators

This program is subject to our terms and conditions.

Thank you for showing interest in this program. Before you continue, it is important you know who we are and what we do. We are a startup focused on helping lots of people out there create an employment and a profitable job from the several income stream opportunity the internet provides.

Rather than accept contents from the general public like most platforms do, we create our own ecosystem of creators and train them to deliver satisfying contents to our highly valued audience. This is necessary to protect the integrity of the platform, ensuring that our paying audience continue to get the value for their money.

We accept audio (podcast), video and text contents from approved creators. CREATORS, UPON APPROVAL ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A MINIMUM OF FIVE CONTENTS EACH MONTH OR A MAXIMUM OF TWENTY. We prioritize quality above quantity, we value video and podcast (audio recordings) contents more and we respect text contents improved with appropriate images. Every content creators will submit to the platform are expected to give clear details on the subject in discuss.

Creators should understand that the main aim of this platform is to provide knowledge to our highly valued users. Such knowledge must be one that can directly or indirectly provide our highly valued users with wealth and how this is supposed to happen must be clearly stated. For example contents such as ‘how to build a sales funnel’ will be rejected while ‘how to make a sales funnel work for your business’ will be accepted. Notice the difference? While the first content seem to be interested in teaching it’s audience computer science, the latter one is teaching them how to make computer science generate wealth for them! catch the idea?

Upon approval, creators will be assigned to editors. Editors are in-house staffs that works hand in hand with individual creators to bring their contents to the platform without contents being rejected at all. Essentially, creators are expected to submit their contents to their assigned editors. These editors will fine tune them or give guidelines to creators on how to make the content perfect. After this, editor publishes the content.

Creators are accepted into the program under two categories. Level 1 and level 2. With level 2 being of more prestige. Creators who have passed through all of our ten creators’ courses are automatically upgraded to level 2 category. Usually, this should not be more than four months from the date of being approved as a content creator on the platform.

To become a content creator, you will need to pay a nonrefundable processing fee of $4


You will be required to add a link to your contents page. What does this mean? Well it could be a link to your website, your social media wall or Facebook channel. Essentially it should be a link to content(s) you have created in the past. You can as well gather all those contents on a free blog such as blogger and use the link to your blog on the payments page. During our in-house review, a special panel will go through your contents via the link to determine if you will be good enough for our brand.

What will they look for? Well, everything from grammar perfections to originality and adherence to our niche. (Generating wealth for our highly valued users). However if you can demonstrate that you are a good content creator regardless of what kind of contents you have created in the past, you would be good to go.

After payment is made, copy your receipt or transaction ID and return here to complete your application.

And if i am not allowed into the program? That would be a very sad thing for you and us. We are looking for as much as possible talented content creators out there, which is why we are paying our creators huge incentives. Part of why we charge you a nonrefundable fee for your application is to also ensure that we filter spammers who are just trying their luck with the system and attract only creators with qualities. We have no interest in turning down anyone’s application but it doesn’t mean we won’t do so when required. In the event of this ugly scenario, we would provide you an email of an editor who will again give you another try and make recommendations to our core team.