Effective And Easy To Use Over the Counter Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Nowadays, over the counter hemorrhoids treatment is now within reach. You must remember that these treatments, although temporary, can surely help you ease pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

OTC Medicines
Using antiseptics is a good way to eliminate bacteria growing around hemorrhoids area. For instance, products that contain Penol, Benzethonium chloride, and Boric acid help in disinfecting the affected area around the anus.

Another agent to clean up hemorrhoids area is astringent. With anti-bacterial property, astringents are also used to minimize the inflammation and pain caused by hemorrhoids. This is because astringent agents such as calamine lotion, zinc oxide, and which hazel dries up the skin thus reducing pain and discomfort.

The use of anesthetics is also an effective relief from hemorrhoids. Anesthetics enable the rectal opening and Perenelium to numb and thus also the hemorrhoids. For instance, benzocaine, lidocaine, and dynclonine are some of the anesthetics you can subscribe to.

Other OTC medicines are protectants like lanolin, mineral oil, and glycerin products. They are known to serve the development of a protective layer in your skin. Often times, fecal matter and urine will irritate the hemorrhoids, become infected, and causes more discomfort to you. The role of the protectants is to reduce this irritation when a hemorrhoid develops. As an advice, you can use calamine lotion and other protectant that contains zinc oxide to relieve from pain caused by hemorrhoids.

Word of caution
Like taking any other medicines, you should take caution when using OTC medicines. Remember that the rectal cavity is very sensitive. If you insufficiently apply the products, it may lead to a more serious irritation and pain. Some people may also be allergic to ingredients of OTC medicines. If you experienced any of these, you must stop the medicines at once. If symptoms persist, it is now time for you to go on medical consultation.

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