Forex Assassin Review – What Is The Forex Assassin Formula?

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Forex Assassin is a new Forex Trading tool which is already enjoying a growing popularity. This tool was made especially for the novice trader who can only spare a short time for trading. It was made with the average Joe who has a day time job, a family to take care of, and simply can’t spare the time to monitor the markets all day, looking out for indicators, signals and the like, but would still like to take his or her trading to a new level.

How Do You Work With Forex Assassin

Each weekend you spend a few minutes of your time getting the exact prices from the market data. The only thing you need is the price since Forex Assassin is a price driven system. This makes it especially easy to understand for the novice trader.

You take the data you extracted and plug it in to the proprietary Forex Assassin formula. This is a formula which was developed over the course of 11 years of extensive trading, testing, learning, and fine tuning. What the formula does is provide you with ‘take profit’ and ‘stop losses’ prices for any forex pair you wish to trade in. These are your prices for the next week.

All you need to do is to give your broker these prices and simply let the market roll. These prices will make sure that your losses are minimal and profits are maximized so that overall you make more money with less work.

The best thing about Forex Assassin is its simplicity. It is easy to use, understand, and apply.

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Source by John J. Drummond
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