How it works

$5/Click, $15k affiliate earnings.

We make it easy to earn up to $15k every month. Earn as high as $5/click even if such click did not lead to any sale or action. This is possibly the highest in the industry of both affiliate marketing and media ads. However, you can start benefiting from this massive earning scheme of $5/click when you reach the rank of an ‘ultimate affiliate’

$7 CPM rate for our banners

Our banners are meant to help you drive more affiliates from your publishing platforms as a blogger, writer or website owner. However, we will pay you up to $7 per thousand view (cost per miles). This is like a way of earning multiple times from the same thing. It has never been this good for affiliates!

$500 rank bonus

Earn up to $500 when you get promoted to higher levels. Promotion is permanent, i.e. Affiliates are not demoted to lower ranks due to inactivity. Affiliates will continue to earn rank benefits for a lifetime!

As a merchant, make over 700 sales daily!

We will supercharge your sales every minute, every hour, every day, twice on Monday! We are sales expert, software development gurus and we have pinpointed how to make the codes work for you. We assure you of a massive sales blast. You might not even be able to handle the lots of orders you’d get!

Refer with a unique QR code!

Get a unique affiliate QR code for your account and start making better sales and affiliate connections. Internet users love QR codes which is why it has become quiet popular these days, embedded on several devices and webpages. You too can bank on this technology to drive massive commission in affiliate sales and referral network.

No more referral links. Get a funnel page!

Some people hate affiliate links. Research have shown that the percentage of these people can be as high as 72% that is huge! Rather than loosing a lot of valuable referrals and prospects to the annoyance of affiliate links, you will now have a dedicated sales page that is even designed to help you convert more visitors/referrals. It works like a clickbank funnel with up to 75% better conversion rate when compare to not using the funnel page. Awesome!

Marketing to the moon!

…and many other benefits! Cutting edge technologies, massive expertise and massive earnings are some of the major elements that is making JossyMall affiliate network work. Imagine that we also pay you affiliate commissions on your own purchases, you can earn from up to ten levels of referred affiliates (15%) of what they earn, we also pay you a lifetime monthly bonus of $100 when you reach the climax of our ranks.

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