Stunning Visuals

A landing page or an email campaign, we've got you covered with powerful pleasing graphics for your clients.

No Code

Create stunning landing pages for your product and items without coding. Focus more on leads and sales not code.

Precise campaign

No more blind campaigns. Use precise marketing so intelligent that it knows when to deliver your campaigns!


Tell people about JossyMall
we'll pay you $3,000 for doing so!

No refferals, no selling, no affiliates

By becoming a partner of JossyMall, you are only required to hold at least two seminars on digital marketing and the JossyMall platform every month. Such seminars must have at least about a hundred people. Video coverage from the seminars would be sent to us via your partnership account manager. We would review the video to validate its authenticity and your funds would be paid!

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Most marketing companies are unable to achieve this without breaking laws of user privacy. On JossyMall, we have thousands of users who have signed up to receving updates in several nitch of business, consumer products e.t.c. When you become a marketer on our platform we will assign about a thousand of these people to your contact based on your business model. They will not be assigned to anyone else except of course, they signed up for multiple marketing feeds.



We don't want you to take our words for it. We want you to try it for a month. Unlike most marketing companies, your one year free trial is not limited or restricted in anyway. From creating landing pages to forms for generating leads, smart assets that act as an homing beacon when users download them, sms targeted marketing, everything is free for a month even if you are sending a million emails and sms!



By combining the latest ajax and bootstrap technologies with certain custom in-house fluid display technology, we now have a marketing platform that can be operated from desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and even smart watches. Our roadmap will see that in the future, your marketing can be voice controlled. We boast of the best UI in the digital marketing industry.


$18,000 in 60days!

Yes! one of our clients who makes use of our platform to drive traffic to his blog actually made a whooping profit of $17,567 in sixtydays from revenuehits and popads ads. Our marketing platform was able to drive over 16million unique page views to the blog in that sixtydays. It is however important to note that revenuehits and popads are high paying advertisement platforms

Tutorial for beginner

Watch tutorial
Video of JossyMall marketing platform

So why do i need a good marketing platform?

Here is an explainer video that shows all the goodies and money your firm/establishment hve been missing out on. Watch the video to see exactly why you need to start investing more in your marketing plans, partner with us to deliver good leads for you and hence maximize your profit and ROI

24/7 Support system

A Handy support
System for the Software

We are always around to help. You won't be alone!

With our team of dedicated support personnels, we've ensured that we give you a very good leverage to succeed in your marketing. Now we guarantee that even though you run into glitches they would be resolved before you 'notice' them. When you become a partner, we will provide you with a dedicated support staff.

Real basic

  • 2.5 GB Space
  • Unlimited landing pges
  • unlimited assets/downloads
  • Customer Service


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Real Standred

  • 20.5 GB Space
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited emails/sms
  • Customer Service
  • Unlimited assets/downloads
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited campaigns


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Real Ultimate

  • Custom VPS server
  • 200G GB Space
  • WhiteLabel
  • Up to 3,000 users (marketers)
  • Secure Online Transfer
  • Unlimited emails/sms
  • Customer Service
  • Unlimited assets/downloads
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Free userbase with 10,000 user profiles


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No doubt we've enjoyed a very great digital marketing on the JossyMall platform for such low fees! Definitely marketing keeps changing everyday and they need to improve on a few somethings but we found no better competitor!!

Mark Zenith (marketing director DIGPROM)

Such a wonderful solution for digital marketing. Then there comes the very cheap price. Support is very good, we never ran into much problems anyway. I recommend JossyMall to all marketers out there.

Denise Ryan (Educhat)

I have been into healthcare multilevel marketing business for a while. Never had much sales until i integrated JossyMall digital marketing. I made great leads, Now I sell more than health care products but tech wares and fashion outfits too. Sales have been massive day in day out. Thank you JossyMall!

Tomilola Adegbola (Kedi health_care)

Two weeks of intense marketing using the JossyMall platform. We finally launched. We were hoping to sell about a thousand units of musicPOD but we did not. We sold a whooping 1.2 million units!!

Cameron B. Alexandro (MusicPOD)

JossyMall saves us alot of travelling funds. Now my team and I could pull students from across the world! There's nothing else as plesing as enjoying wht you do because you do it in the comfort of your home.

Martins Avio (Marketer. Adewumi College Ilorin)

We look forward to diverse ways of improving our creation. To this end we've always only employ Jossymall to market JossyMall. That way we learn of the bugs and glitches our end users might also be facing and we eliminate them. Using our own creation also enable us to bring in new innovations to the platform

The JossyMall team

Grow your business and boost sales with streamline ads tailored to target your potential customers only

It has been shown in statistics that 80% of web users ignore traditional banner ads. Ironically, over 84% of web users take action (such as click, purchase, signup, download) on ads personalised within an email. JossyMall streamline ads have placed this into consideration to design the world's most effective advertising system

Your customers have moved online. Advertise to your potential clients right where they are!

Now is the right time to take your establishment or firm to greater frontiers. JossyMall streamline ads are very cheap yet several times effective. This is because, as the name implies, it is designed to target people who have shown interests in your field of business or product. The ads are sent via emails and are very personalized.