Live Out Loud 100k Challenge Product Review

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PRODUCT NAME: Live Out Loud 100k Challenge

Overall Ranking: 70/100

Price: $5,000

Owners: Live Out Loud Inc.


Live Out Loud (LOL) is a wealth coaching company, founded by Loral Langemeier, a dynamic, inspirational, and motivating force, renowned best-selling author, guest on many television shows, and entrepreneur, known as the millionaire maker, named after a book she wrote by the same name.

LOL offers several different programs that each focus on different money-making methods that include starting a business, investment strategies, and more.

One of the programs offered is the 100k challenge. It’s exactly what it says it is. It is a guaranteed program that challenges people to earn $100,000 income or your money back at the end of the year-long program.

It is a stringent and detailed program that will involve many activities and a lot of interaction with other members and the coaching staff.



  • Very detailed
  • Lots of online support
  • Numerous resources
  • Several webinars
  • Weekly group accountability calls
  • Weekly business makeover calls
  • Large community of people
  • 3-day live seminar required as part of the program
  • Personal coach

Not Good

  • Expensive
  • Too much up-selling that is disguised as part of the program but isn’t really
  • Only eight 30-minute phone sessions with personal coach in a year
  • Very difficult to satisfy conditions of “guarantee”
  • Once enrolled, don’t plan to ever see tuition cost again
  • Other than 3-day seminar, little if any face-to-face contact with company
  • No direct personal contact with Loral


Although the program is guaranteed and offered to beginners and anyone who wants to take their business to “next level”, even if that means starting a business from scratch, the reality is it’s much more suited for people who already have certain things in place.

Someone who has a basic understanding of marketing and marketing terms, and who has a fairly clear idea of what they want to do, and perhaps has already begun in a business, will do much better in the program than someone who has no clue.

However, someone who will devote several hours per day and per week, who does well with online learning, who is self-motivated, who doesn’t need a lot of direct and personal guidance, and who doesn’t get easily frustrated, regardless of what they do or don’t already have in place could benefit greatly from this program.

It is for people who want to make $100,000 or more per year and who are willing to go to any lengths to make that happen. On the other hand, it is for people who want to make 100k a part of the journey toward wealth, not a destination. The 100k is intended as a stepping stone, if not the first stepping stone.


There are myriad sources of training and tools available, to the point of being overwhelming. The website is filled with videos, reading material, recordings of past training sessions, templates, and just about anything anyone could hope to find in the way of training.

There are training sessions available via telephone and/or internet on almost a daily basis, some of which is where members can receive personal support on either 1 on 1 or small group basis. There are others that are in the form of webinar or podcast form, some of which are interactive with the participants.

The program is in perpetual motion. Someone who can keep up with the pace will thrive. Someone who falls behind and who needs more personal attention could feel overwhelmed.


The most common support is through e mail. Questions and issues are always addressed in a timely manner.

Many of the training sessions allow for real-time interaction via telephone or internet.

If you know the questions to ask, you will get the answers. If you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s tough to get the support you need.


This particular program costs $5,000 for the one-year program.

It is not the only program offered. Other programs range from $97 to several thousand dollars

There are countless books and CD’s, and other tools also available at prices ranging from about $4 to several hundred dollars. There are some items offered free plus the cost of shipping. I found most, if not all this sort of material to be very informative and helpful.

I have found the printed and recorded material to be more in line with price to value ratio than the 100k challenge program


It is a legitimate company. They do their best to deliver what they claim to deliver.

I believe it is over-priced for what is received, based on my needs. I believed I would have more 1 on 1 personal attention. I got lost in the shuffle right from the start and struggled to stay current. I can’t blame them for that but when I requested my money back because I felt the program was not for me, I received a robotic-like response from the refund evaluation team listing all the services they provided and was reminded of the contract and no refund.

It’s not for everyone.

I can’t even say it’s not for me. Now that I understand more about what to expect, and have more clarity about what I want to do, if I was start again from the beginning, I may have a different outlook.

If you’re ready to completely commit to the program and are able to keep up with the fast pace, you will do well. The program has a lot to offer.

Better Business Bureau

The company has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of C-. Had I known that before signing up, I’m not sure I’d have signed up. I also rate it C- based on my own personal experience.

They will do whatever they can within the program to help, but if it is too far outside the box, you’re in for a frustrating time that you will regret spending the money for.

Be careful

I was told the program was $7,500.

I spoke with them for hours about what I wanted to do and where I was in my business life. I told them I wanted to create an online business. I was offered the internet marketing program for “free” if I signed up that day, which I ultimately did.

I later found out that the internet marketing program costs $2,500 and the 100k challenge is $5,000. I got nothing for free. It was good, but like the rest of the program, largely over my head. I’ve had to re-watch the videos to grasp the material.

Not a dummy

It’s not to say I’m a dunce, although I don’t claim to be sharpest tool in the shed either. It’s that people respond to different things and learn differently. As a former teacher, I understand this first-hand.

If you know anything about the No-Child-Left-Behind program that was supposed to do what the name implies. The reality is, many children are left behind. Metaphorically speaking, I am one of those.


It wasn’t long afterward that I realized that the 100k challenge has little to do with creating an online business. In fact, they stress the offline part of establishing a business.

That makes sense but that’s not what I believed I signed up for.

What bothers me most is the fact that I was soon thereafter somewhat coaxed into buying a software program for what was called a real bargain at “only” $1450 and “only” $259 a month that was supposed to help me take my business to the “next level”. I believed it was part of what was recommended for success.

I was also called by the office and told the value of incorporating my business and that it would cost “only” $1,000.

Take responsibility

When I later realized both of these purchases were not only costly but unnecessary if not premature, I tried to talk to my coach about it.

I was told I was acting like a victim and that I needed to take responsibility for my actions. When I said I believed they were LOL recommended, I was told, “… they’re salespeople, what do you expect?”

That did not set well with me.


I canceled the software program before the 2nd month which in total cost me more than $1,700 that I will never see again.

I will never again see the money I spent to incorporate either.

I can’t blame anyone for my misunderstandings and gullibility but me.

Bottom line, if you can afford $5,000 and you’re willing and able to put in the time and effort, will definitely get what you pay for.

If you have the cash, it’s not a bad deal. If you don’t have the cash, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I paid for it with a credit card and I wish I hadn’t.

Sometimes the price of education is expensive.

I rate this program 70/100, C-

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Source by Bob Lynch
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