Logitech’s new wireless earbuds designed to make the most of Zoom calls

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Logitech’s new wireless earbuds are here to replace bulky headsets, and they’re perfect for Zoom, Google Meet and Teams.

For those after a sleeker option next time your daily video call starts, Logitech could have the solution in the form of wireless earbuds that have been certified by the three major cloud conferencing platforms.

The Logitech Zone True Wireless are the first-ever earbuds to be certified by Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, this certification suggesting they could raise the bar for online meetings.

The Zone True Wireless earbuds connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and have a range of up to 30 metres, so you should be fine rushing in and out of the zoom mid-call.

The wireless earbuds also come with a USB receiver to easily connect to your PC and smartphone at the same time, with the ability to configure and customise the earbuds with the Logi Tune app (iOS, Android and PC).

Logitech Zone Wireless earbuds Rose and Black
Credit: Logitech

And if you live in a particularly noisy house, the Zone True Wireless earbuds feature a certified noise-cancelling mic and adaptive hybrid ANC, which will seek out external noise and suppress it, meaning noisy kids or pets shouldn’t be as much of a problem.

Transparency Mode is also featured, handy for hearing any important outside noise without having to remove the earbuds. This can be toggled using the Logi Tune app, or by just taping on the earbuds.

And to make things even better, there are three mics in each earbud to help distinguish your voice from other sounds. That should help avoid any awkward noise cut-outs that plague most conference calls.

The battery life for the Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds is around six hours of talk time, or nine hours of audio with ANC turned on. That extends to 6.5 hours and 12 hours respectively with ANC off.

The charging case that comes with the earbuds can extend battery life by 2.5 times and for anyone looking to charge without those pesky wires, Logitech included support for Qi wireless charging.

Charging for just five minutes should provide two hours of listening time. However, full charging time for the earbuds is two hours and 45 minutes, with the case taking three hours to fully recharge from 0% to 100%.

Logitech has also revealed the Zone Wired earbuds, a more basic option but still carry the same certification for the three video-conferencing platforms.

Logitech Rose Zone True Wirless earbuds
Credit: Logitech

The Zone Wired earbuds also include noise-cancelling mics in the left earbud, and can still be connected to your devices via Bluetooth, or USB-C or USB-A using the included adapter.

Both Zone earbuds work with iOS or Android devices assuming the device has a 3.5mm port or adapter available; as well as with Windows, Mac and Chrome powered computers via Bluetooth or USB-C or USB-A receivers.

The Zone True Wireless earbuds are available in two colours, Graphite and Rose, with Logitech intending to release both Zone models globally later in the year.

The Zone True Wireless earbuds are priced at £299 / $299 with the Zone Wired Earbuds costing £100 / $99. The Rose Zone True Wireless earbuds will be released initially on Logitech’s website.

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