Mad Scientist Muscle Review – Doubling Your Muscle Building Results

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Nick Nilsson’s “Mad Scientist Muscle” e-book is all about doubling your muscle building results. The program is based on 2 Principles.

#1 is Planned Overtraining and Rebound

In this section you’ll learn how overtraining is good for your muscle growth. Many fitness experts have always said that overtraining is a negative thing. In the Mad Scientist Muscle e-book you’ll learn that over training can be good for muscle growth and continued results in your training.

Your body is constantly adapting to your whatever your current workout is. This is why you will hit a plateau after 3-6 weeks with the same workout. With Nick’s program you will use this to your advantage. For a few week you will steadily increase your workouts to the point that you are overtraining. Once you reach that point then it’s time to lay off and steadily reduce your workouts down to the point of undertraining.

This is a concept that I had never known about. It is great for me because when I’m trying to build muscle I always have the tendency to have problems after I’ve been working out for several weeks. All of a sudden I have neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or back pains from all the heavy weights. My body simply can’t sustain this for more then 3-4 weeks. Then I just end up giving up on the heavy weights.

#2 is all about Training to Better Support Muscle Growth

The first part of better supporting muscle growth is to build a stronger frame. You may have tried to build muscle before and felt like your body couldn’t keep up because of your frame. This is how I feel when everything starts to go wrong. My frame is just not capable of it. This section will focus on your bones, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

The second part of better supporting muscle growth focuses on the fascia which is the connective tissue that covers your muscles. This section will teach you how to stretch your fascia so your muscles can grow bigger. This stretching isn’t after your workout, it’s during your workout and with resistance. I was always trying the stretching after my workout. The key here is during your workout so your muscle can still expand while you are working out.

The third part of better supporting muscle growth involves pumping nutrients and oxygen into your muscles to repair them. Nick explains how this training is done with high-rep training. This will force a lot of blood into the muscles for a long period of time. I always thought this was just people trying to get toned. This could almost be like doing drop sets. That many reps definitely gets the blood pumping into your muscles.

The fourth part of better supporting muscle growth is about the nervous system and how to make it work to your full capacity. This involves using a moderate weight but doing 2 x as many reps as you would normally with it. These reps will be with no negative resistance. I always thought the kids at the gym were simply fooling around. They probably were and didn’t realize this could help them gain strength.

Over all this book has some great tips for gaining muscle. I definitely could have used it many years ago when I was in my prime. I’ll definitely be giving it another go and this time I’ll be successful.

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Source by Darren Letourneau
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