Q Acoustics expands its Concept speaker line

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Q Acoustics is expanding its Concept product line by launching of a new set of loudspeakers. Using engineering and design ideas first developed for the company’s top-of-the-line loudspeakers, the more modestly priced Concept 30 stand-mounted speaker, Concept 50 floor-standing speaker, and Concept 90 center channel incorporate technology and design cues from the company’s much pricier Concept 300 and Concept 500 lines. (TechHive reviewed the Concept 300 in late 2019.)

Both the Concept 30 and Concept 50 pairs will be marketed for stereo listening, but the British hi-fi manufacturer is also offering a home-theater package that will incorporate the new speakers in a 5.1 surround-sound setup: The Concept 50 speakers in front, the Concept 30 in the rear, the Concept 90 in the center for dialog, and the previously released Q B12 subwoofer for the low-end rumble.

q acoustics concept home theater package Q Acoustics

The Q Acoustics Concept 50 5.1 home theater set, $6,295, includes a pair of the Concept 30, a pair of the Concept 50, a Concept 90 center channel, and a Q B12 subwoofer.

The new speakers incorporate Q Acoustics’ Gelcore technology, an internal layer of non-setting gel designed to minimize high-frequency cabinet noise. The Concept 30 and 50 speakers also use the Point-2-Point internal bracing system developed for the Concept 300. The suspension system promises to prevent interference from external vibrations, resulting in better stereo imaging. The floor-standing Concept 50 also include Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer tubes to relieve pressure from standing waves.

Q Acoustics expects the new line to be available for purchase at the end of November, with the Concept 30 selling for $1,299 a pair, the Concept 50 going for $2,999 a pair, and the Concept 90 center channel expected to fetch $999. The previously described home-theater package, including the Q B12 subwoofer, will be priced at $6,295.

A pair of Q Acoustics’ Q FS75 speaker stands for the bookshelf models, which we discussed in our earlier review of the company’s Q Active 200 powered speakers, cost $499. Alternatively, you can use the company’s WB75 brackets ($89 each) to hang the bookshelf models on the wall.

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