Review of Topscan’s ScanMarker – A Pen Scanner

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Digital Pen scanners are compact scanning devices that make it possible to quickly scan a document for download. Handheld pen scanners can easily be used to capture text that the individual wants to preserve for later use.

Anyone who has ever used a highlighter already knows the most basic use for ScanMarker which is to extract information from a text or publication. Students, researchers, lawyers, and many more have been using this function for decades. But with ScanMarker the process takes on a whole new life as you are able to instantly transfer the scanned material into the Windows application of your choice and eliminate the tedious step of recopying the information by hand.

You can collect your highlighted reading material in a place that makes intuitive sense: your PC or PDA. ScanMarker puts an end to lost or illegible notes and dog-eared pages and articles. Valuable information is filed and stored on your PC ready to be retrieved, searched through, copied, pasted, edited, printed, or sent via email or SMS.

Foreign Language Translation:

ScanMarker translates scanned words into many different languages. English to Spanish, French to German, even non-Latin characters such as Hebrew to English.

Thesaurus and Dictionary:

Included with ScanMarker is a thesaurus that instantly suggests possible synonyms for a scanned word, leaving you with one less book to carry around. It also includes a dictionary that functions in the same way as the thesaurus.

Text-To-Speech Engine:

With the Text-To-Speech (TTS) feature included with ScanMarker you can scan a word or sentence and your PC will instantly pronounce it for you in a real, human-like voice, a feature that is extremely helpful for those learning English or any other language. It’s also especially valuable to children that are learning how to read and pronounce words as well as to vision impaired, learning disabled, and dyslexic individuals. Text-to-speech will also be upgradable in quality with an optional software download available soon.

Business Card Reader:

The need for holding onto stacks of business cards and having to manually enter information into your contact management software is over. With ScanMarker you can scan the information off the business card and it will be transferred automatically into Windows applications such as Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT!, Goldmine, etc. ScanMarker also recognizes URL and email addresses and will open your web browser or email application when scanned.

Numeric and Inventory Data Entry:

You can eliminate current inventory control, billing data entry, and numeric scan hassles with very high OCR (optical character recognition) accuracy tailored for recognition of numeric data.

While pen scanners of this type were once very expensive, ScanMarker is very affordable and any college student can afford to buy it and will greatly benefit from it.

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Source by Josepha Edman
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