Below is a list of ranks you can attain on this platform and the corresponding amount of gems you would need to reach each rank. We make use of the seven rankings system. Whenever you get promoted to a new rank, we pay you the rank benefit for the rank you got promoted from!

Rank|Gems required|Rank benefit

Emperor! 11,001.00 – 100,000.00 – $100,000 Bank credit

Chief! 6,001.00 – 11,000.00 – $15,000 Bank credit

Veteran 3,001.00 – 6,000.00 – $5,000 Bank credit

Leader 1,501.00 – 3,000.00 – $500 Bank credit

Master 501.00 – 1,500.00 – $100 Bank credit!

professional 11.00 – 500.00 – $5 JossyMall credit

Amateur 0.00 – 10.00 – $3 JossyMall credit

The above is a bonus reward system designed to reward JossyMall loyalists and dedicated users. All course instructors earn directly from selling their courses on this platform.

As a course creator on this platform, you can make up to $500 every week selling your courses to students all around the globe! We only deduct 15% from your earnings to cover for tax, coupons and adverts.

You will receive 100% value of your first deposit! You can pay via several methods. When you purchase a course, you own the course forever. You can create valuable connections with your teachers and favourite companies here. Go to #streams from the side menu to see the latest activities on JossyMall

Everyone is an affiliate! Aside from teaching and learning on JossyMall, you can refer users to this platform and earn 10% of their purchases and earnings forever!