Sportcraft TX 4.9 Treadmill Review – Important Read For Curious Buyer

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The Sportcraft TX 4.9 treadmill is a basic low cost model. Sportcraft had to recall two of their treadmills in 2005 and does not even offer the manual for this model on their website. With these kinds of issues I would hesitate before buying the TX 4.9, but for around $400 what do you expect.

The Sportcraft TX 4.9 has a 250 pound weight limit, which is pretty good for a model in this price range. It has an average size tread belt measuring 16 x 47 inches. If you are over 250 pounds or need a wider belt it is highly suggested that you go with another company.

Surprisingly, the motor is a 2.25 horsepower continuous duty motor , which is excellent for the price. It has a three position incline but you will have to hop off and manually adjust it each time. The Sportcraft TX 4.9 treadmill does fold away for those of you who are worried about storage.

The console displays your time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories burned. This model has a finger pulse sensor that with just a touch takes your heart rate for you. This keeps you from having to stop and manually count your heart beating. Since your heart rate is displayed there will be no guessing if you are in your target heart range.

A water bottle holder is built into the console of the Sportcraft TX 4.9. You will need to purchase your own water bottle separately as they do not include one. This built in holder will keep your drink handy, no more taking a break to run to the kitchen for water.

The Sportcraft TX 4.9 is a very basic model that does not offer any extra bells and whistles. No mp3 player dock, no book light, just a plain basic treadmill. You can always set this treadmill up in front of your television so you can watch your favorite shows while you work out.

Before buying the Sportcraft TX 4.9, or any other treadmill for that matter, go online and do some research about it. A lot of consumers are reporting problems with treadmills. Many are unable to use their treadmill at all as it shuts down by itself.

The Sportcraft company is known for making indoor game tables but is not very reliable when it comes to their treadmills. The Sportcraft TX 4.9 treadmill is a very basic low end model. If you are on a budget and do not care that some other Sportcraft treadmills have been recalled then buy the TX 4.9 at your own risk.

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Source by Adam Hefner
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