Starting A MasterClass On JossyMall

As a learner or as the instructor, Starting a JossyMall masterclass in a big thing. In fact, a very big thing. To start a masterclass as an instructor, you need to ensure you are on one of our membership plans. The size of images and videos you can directly upload or add to our servers are determined by the level of membership plan you are subscribed to. Subscribing to a membership plan will also enable you to get paid for each masterclass series you create. Instructors on our middle tier plan (max plan) are paid an incentive of about $500 after approval. (Each masterclass series must contain a minimum of nine masterclass videos) Please not that this payment is only reserved for contents that are very original. We reserve the right to quality a content as ‘very original’ or not. You can always contact our support team to get clarification on why your content might have been classified as ‘not very original’

Instructors on the low level membership plan (mini) in comparison are paid $90 for each completed MasterClass Series they create (Approved. Each series must contain a minimum of nine masterclass videos/sessions)

Payment are directly added to wallets of instructors where they can then process a direct cash out. Payments are properly marked and labeled, a confirmation notification will also be sent to the instructor via email.

What happens if an instructor does not receive his/her payment?
While this is very rare, we doubt if it has even ever occurred, however because the payments are manually added to the instructor’s wallet there could be some sort of delay usually caused by the wait for a clearance from our internal quality control team. (Who are tasked with ensuring that every masterclass on our platform meets up with our specified standards). You can send our support team a message at anytime to get clarified details on what might be delaying your payment.

Be reminded that every approved masterclass content on JossyMall will generate a revenue of $0.4 per view for it’s author. This basically means that apart from the payments we send to authors for submitting high quality masterclass contents, authors and instructors are also rewarded for each view their contents generate.

We reserve the right to modify any part of our gratification, payment and remuneration policy at any point in time without prior notification. Please refer to our terms and conditions doc.

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