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What exactly is it?

Well it is a kind of premium membership plan except that we are not just looking at collecting money from you but to pay you more and help you promote your business. It also serves as a valid means of verifying that you are you.

There are lots and lots of users on JossyMall, when you become a gold premium member, you will not only carry a prestigious and distinguishing gold membership badge but you will earn more on the contents you post here and at the same time, we will give you free sponsored ads once in a month. This slot will allow us to promote your business or service to every single user on this platform via email and announcements. A gold premium user will earn up to $100 for each unique content they submit. Ordinary users earn maximum of just $5 per content.

That’s not all, you will also get a dedicated account manager who will always help you facilitate the transfer of your earnings from us to you and provide you advisory tips to earn more. If you wish to become a premium user now, please follow this link below to make a payment of just $2!

You will charged every six months as this $2 is a bi-annual fee. Yes it is quiet cheap considering what we will be offering you in return. The idea is that premium users are verified and we are very much assured that they are real humans and not bots.

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